Hard Drives for Mac Users

Top-class Hard Drives for Mac Users

Hard drives are a source of managing and preserving your personal and/or professional data if you have trouble assembling it in your in-built computer space. Are you having difficulty in deciding the best hard drive for mac? Well, you are in the right place then. This article is meant to provide you with all the necessary details you need to consider before buying the best hard drive as a mac user. Considering the fact that everything you buy has some pros and cons so choose wisely. Always assess your needs first. Don’t worry we have done the research for you! Have a look at some of the best hard drives for mac users.

  1. Western Digital My Passport 4TB

This is one of the brilliant external hard drives for Mac or PC users with a capacity of 1TB to 4TB with 3.0 USB plug-in. the price is almost $99.99. it has great capacity and a genuinely good speed although not the quickest for transferring data. However, comparing it with the price it delivers great speed and capacity.

  1. LaCie Rugged Secure

This is one of the best options for people who travel a lot as it possesses a rough and tough skin that keeps it away from any harm out in the field. It is priced at $139.99.  LaCie Rugged Secure makes a handful of different drives in this rugged line, but the Secure is one of the most accessible. It isn’t too expensive and has a simple USB-C port. It can plug into USB-C ports with or without Thunderbolt 3, or the full-size USBs of older Macs and MacBooks with the right cable.

  1. Samsung Portable SSD T5

This hard drive is speedy and possesses large capacity i.e. 1TB with USB 3.1. it is priced at $356.75. It delivers great performance and high capacity although it is expensive if you are not ready to spend this much money on an external hard drive. But if it suits your budget and your priority is a super-fast external hard drive for Mac then this is the best option you could avail.

  1. Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt

It consists of 1TB to 2TB capacity and an interface consisting of Thunderbolt, USB 3.0. Priced at approximately $158. It is lower in price as compared to other Thunderbolt hard drives. It is a Mac-formatted hard drive with which you can conveniently use it right away. The speed is good but not fastest because it uses a conventional hard drive instead of SSD.

  1. WD My Book Duo

This is one of the best high capacity external drives for your Mac. It consists of 4TB to 20TB capacity with USB-C (gen-1) interface. It is priced at $259. It consists of huge space which is a major plus if you are looking for arranging your heavy files externally because it goes from 4TB to 20TB which is quite a lot. It has an integrated USB hub. It is pricey and a bit of limited in terms of certain features as compared with Thunderbolt drives.


The wallet arrives with wifi that charges your mobile phone

The wallet arrives with wifi that charges your mobile phone

You leave the house and there are two things you do not usually miss: the phone and the wallet for money and cards. Imagine that the wallet also served to have wifi and wirelessly charge your mobile. Stop imagining because it already exists.

The American start-up Volterman Inc. has developed Volterman, a portfolio in leather Nappa or Vegan (Faux) manufactured by brands such as Cartier, Dunhill or Louis Vuitton that is equipped with a portable battery between 2,500 and 5,000 mAh, as reported from Andro4All.

But there is still more. Volterman incorporates an anti-theft system connected by Bluetooth to the mobile that is activated if it moves too far from the wallet. With it, a GPS chip is enabled and alerts the user. In addition, the wallet carries a camera that takes a picture of the face of the person who opens it.

Volterman also has a wifi point so you can connect to almost anywhere in the world and they also have Best Wifinetwork adapter. It also has a microSD card so you can store data from your mobile phone and also add RFID protection to prevent possible theft of data.

It has been financed above what was estimated on the internet, managing to raise $ 2,536,220, 2,250% of what they needed. There are three models available, all of them in Indiegogo: Cardholder (the simplest one, for 178 dollars although discounts are made); Bifold ($ 238, although discounts are also made) and Travel (the largest, whose price exceeds 300 euros, but rebates are made below 200).


Healthcare gadgets that will limit your visit to the doctor, Designoptimus.com

Healthcare gadgets that will limit your visit to the doctor

Over the past few decades, the development of technology has caused a lot of damage to the human health and the environment. But now technology is finally working towards improving human health and this has also made us more considerate towards our personal healthcare. It’s a new age for healthcare – medicine is getting more advanced and technology is helping us take better care of ourselves.


With small gadgets reminding us to drink water every hour to gadgets that track our heart rate, technology has taken a step towards healthcare and so should we. While some of these gadgets help in fighting chronic conditions, others have helped medical professionals in certain situations.


Air monitors

Air pollution is on the rise and the level of pollutants in the air are increasing both indoors and outdoors. Indoor air pollution and indoor air quality are as much of a concern now as the level of pollution in the ambient air. But with gadgets like air monitors from Kaiterra or uHoo, we can carry portable air monitors with us to evaluate the air of our surrounding. These devices have made it easier to monitor the air around us and to evaluate the level of pollution present in the air and its associated health hazards.

Imagine how convenient it can be for you to get in your car with a portable air monitor and just determine if the air inside is safe for you or not. Since motor vehicles are one of the main causes of air pollution, the health issues that come with it are countless. Which is why evaluating the air around you in your car or while you are stuck in traffic can help prevent many health problems.


Once you know the quality of the air around you, you can also take measures to improve the indoor air quality. Not just that, you can even prevent problems from acute pollutant exposure by wearing an air mask whenever the indoor air quality in a room is hazardous.


Wireless blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure is a major issue among adults now and the need for an effective blood pressure device was increasing. Measuring blood pressure can be a hassle as most of the wire devices are difficult to maintain, they are also not travel-friendly. While the other wireless devices are not always as accurate.
When it comes to on-the-go blood pressure monitoring, it doesn’t get more stylish than Nokia BPM+. Combining elegant, minimalist design with innovative technology, the compact health gadget is extremely easy to use and synchronizes with your smartphone via Bluetooth automatically. How easy has this device made for us to measure blood pressure on the go!


Smartphone ultrasound

Yes, you read it right. Ultrasound is now possible on a smartphone! The days of planning and paying the doctor a visit for an ultrasound have changed and technology has enabled us to do everything right in our bed on our smartphones.

The first smartphone ultrasound imaging device in the world, MobiUS SP1 System enables medical professionals to diagnose patients in remote areas. It enabled pregnant women in remote areas to get access and benefits of ultrasound just like any other women would. It can be used for monitoring pregnancies, but also for various abdominal, cardiac, pelvic, and peripheral vessel scans. Images are stored on an 8GB microSD memory card and can be shared via Wi-Fi, cellular networks, or USB.


We are now living in a world where we can basically monitor everything and get access to any information right on our smartphone. New devices have helped us to live a healthier and better life. Even mobile apps such as NikeRun, SamsungHealth, etc, help us in exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just like devices, countless apps have been developed and are available on your smartphones that help us in cooking, eating clean, and also help in other aspects of a healthy life.