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How important is Technology in Education?

With the passage of time, the technology is entwining itself in the current prevailing world. Similarly, it tends to integrate itself in the education sector for the better creation of the educational syllabus and enhancing the student’s performance. Educational Technology also known as EduTech aims to discern the student’s needs, integrate technology for improvisation and track the performance of the students. Integrating technology could also create significant negative impact; however, the effective deployment of the mobile technology is itself very crucial for the students as well as the community. Do you want to know why it is important to deploy technology in the student sector? Let’s find it out:

  1. Demanded by the students

Beyond the boundaries of the classroom, the students are immune to the technological advancements. The students are quite inclined towards using the tablets and smartphones. Thus, they demand its integration in their learning process. The previous generations demanded the colorful engaging textbooks and good teaching methods. However, the modern generation demands technology for improvising their learning and cognition process. Therefore, embracing the interactive technology could inevitably enhance the learning process.

  1. Demanded by the teachers

Not only students but the teachers also feel confident about implementing the technology in the education sector. It allows the teachers and other faculty members to develop the responsible digital skills in the students. Moreover, it enables a better assessment of the student’s knowledge and eases the process of engaging students. However, the implementation of the educational technology would demand the technical training for the teachers. The technologies such as computer devices and interactive whiteboards are quite easier to become acquainted with but the impediments are likely to emerge due to other intricate technologies.

  1. Enhances the learning experience

Ranging from the blended learning to the Massive open online courses (MOOC), technology has opened doors to the new innovative and interactive ideas of teaching and learning. Technology leads to the restructuring of the education field and the enhancement of the dynamics existing between teachers and students. Technology can be creatively deployed for enhancing the students in a variety of ways such as improving the quality of class discussions, involving the students, and tracking their performances. It can be used for video streaming to assure better comprehension, playing educational games to enhance their analytical skills, and video conferencing technology for making the students interact with the virtual guest speakers.

  1. Improves the relationships

Technology assists in enhancing the relationships between students and teachers as well as between classmates too. When the teachers effectively implement technology in the classrooms, they are able to gain the trust of the students and expertise simultaneously. It renders the opportunity to the students to improve their relationships with classmates through enabling communication and collaboration. The collaboration could be optimized by allowing students to work in groups. Technology gives a boost to the communication, collaboration, creative thinking, and critical thinking skills which are necessary to deal with intractable problems of the world.

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  1. Allows learning at own pace

Every child learns at the different pace; thus, not all the students can perform at high levels together. Therefore, the classrooms should promote the individualized learning. Through the technology-integrated classrooms, the students can learn gradually and go back to the concepts which they didn’t understand well. Moreover, the learning process is also assisted by the learning instructions.

  1. Enables the Online Testing

In the last two years, Online Testing has deeply enrooted itself in the education sector due to the plethora of advantages. Online Mock tests allow the individuals to appear for the test at the convenient time rather than a fixed time. Moreover, waiting for the results was a tedious process. However, now, the progress of individuals can be easily tracked through the instant feedback and quick evaluation. For students, it helps in the identification of gaps and its rectification. For the teachers, it helps to conduct an accurate and fair analysis of the student performance; thus, omitting the notion of biases and partiality. Moreover, it helps them in critically evaluating and improving their own teaching strategies to provide a better experience for the students.

  1. Ensures the Engaging environment

The implementation of technology in the realm of education boosts the rate of student’s engagement in a variety of ways. It eliminates the traditional rote-learning and passive learning process by allowing the students to participate actively in the discussion by gathering the information and retaining it. Most of the students feel hesitant in addressing queries to teachers; thus, technology allows them to get answers to their questions instantly. The rich media helps students in grasping the complex concepts easily. Moreover, being born in the technological environment with Smartphone and laptops, the students inevitably feel comfortable with these learning styles. Moreover, a comfortable delivery environment enhances the learning process.

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