Hard Drives for Mac Users

Top-class Hard Drives for Mac Users

Hard drives are a source of managing and preserving your personal and/or professional data if you have trouble assembling it in your in-built computer space. Are you having difficulty in deciding the best hard drive for mac? Well, you are in the right place then. This article is meant to provide you with all the necessary details you need to consider before buying the best hard drive as a mac user. Considering the fact that everything you buy has some pros and cons so choose wisely. Always assess your needs first. Don’t worry we have done the research for you! Have a look at some of the best hard drives for mac users.

  1. Western Digital My Passport 4TB

This is one of the brilliant external hard drives for Mac or PC users with a capacity of 1TB to 4TB with 3.0 USB plug-in. the price is almost $99.99. it has great capacity and a genuinely good speed although not the quickest for transferring data. However, comparing it with the price it delivers great speed and capacity.

  1. LaCie Rugged Secure

This is one of the best options for people who travel a lot as it possesses a rough and tough skin that keeps it away from any harm out in the field. It is priced at $139.99.  LaCie Rugged Secure makes a handful of different drives in this rugged line, but the Secure is one of the most accessible. It isn’t too expensive and has a simple USB-C port. It can plug into USB-C ports with or without Thunderbolt 3, or the full-size USBs of older Macs and MacBooks with the right cable.

  1. Samsung Portable SSD T5

This hard drive is speedy and possesses large capacity i.e. 1TB with USB 3.1. it is priced at $356.75. It delivers great performance and high capacity although it is expensive if you are not ready to spend this much money on an external hard drive. But if it suits your budget and your priority is a super-fast external hard drive for Mac then this is the best option you could avail.

  1. Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt

It consists of 1TB to 2TB capacity and an interface consisting of Thunderbolt, USB 3.0. Priced at approximately $158. It is lower in price as compared to other Thunderbolt hard drives. It is a Mac-formatted hard drive with which you can conveniently use it right away. The speed is good but not fastest because it uses a conventional hard drive instead of SSD.

  1. WD My Book Duo

This is one of the best high capacity external drives for your Mac. It consists of 4TB to 20TB capacity with USB-C (gen-1) interface. It is priced at $259. It consists of huge space which is a major plus if you are looking for arranging your heavy files externally because it goes from 4TB to 20TB which is quite a lot. It has an integrated USB hub. It is pricey and a bit of limited in terms of certain features as compared with Thunderbolt drives.


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