Top Five Logotypes to Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Logo,

Top Five Logotypes to Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Logo

Why not combine some prominent logo design styles with the top logotypes and produce an appealing aesthetics of your company? To help you choose the most suitable logotype here is a small list below:


In Lettermarks logo, normally the name of the firm is written using unique typography. Companies having tricky or complicated names prefer using this logotype as it keeps the outlook of the logo clear, fresh and unique. Lettermarks are one of the most appealing monograms and can depict a minimalist approach too. No overuse of graphic designs and no filling logos with unwanted features. Just simplicity and professionalism.


Wordmark and lettermarks are closely related to each other only that in a wordmark logo, the entire name is written using a straight name and some changes are made in its background. The wordmark logo too depicts simplicity and is something eye-catchy to grab the attention of target audience. This type is also recommended to companies having cool names. You can fill multiple shades and can create color transition within the fonts to amuse your viewers.

Pictorial Marks

Pictorial logos are an effective way to instantly grab the attention of target audience. They are used to deliver the message of the business efficiently. In pictorial logos, marketers prefer to use a most relevant picture with an appropriate depiction of the company’s industry. You can use complex or engaging pictures in your logo. You can make use of free logo download online or use logo makers to add a spark in your logo.

Abstract Logo Marks

This is another fascinating logotype in the list. This logotype consists of geometric shapes, patterns and angles to create the image of the business in a logo. Designers use interesting patterns and angles to create an appealing outlook. If you have pondered over the logo of Apple Inc. you will get to know that the logo itself is an abstract logo. These logos have the ability to stay at the top for years, as they are created using innovative and unique design skills.


If you want to add a dramatic image to your brand’s personality than Mascot logotype is the perfect one to go with. In the logotype, you can to add fun filled shapes images and graphics to depict your company’s image. By doing so, you can attract a huge population of viewers.

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