The wallet arrives with wifi that charges your mobile phone

The wallet arrives with wifi that charges your mobile phone

You leave the house and there are two things you do not usually miss: the phone and the wallet for money and cards. Imagine that the wallet also served to have wifi and wirelessly charge your mobile. Stop imagining because it already exists.

The American start-up Volterman Inc. has developed Volterman, a portfolio in leather Nappa or Vegan (Faux) manufactured by brands such as Cartier, Dunhill or Louis Vuitton that is equipped with a portable battery between 2,500 and 5,000 mAh, as reported from Andro4All.

But there is still more. Volterman incorporates an anti-theft system connected by Bluetooth to the mobile that is activated if it moves too far from the wallet. With it, a GPS chip is enabled and alerts the user. In addition, the wallet carries a camera that takes a picture of the face of the person who opens it.

Volterman also has a wifi point so you can connect to almost anywhere in the world and they also have Best Wifinetwork adapter. It also has a microSD card so you can store data from your mobile phone and also add RFID protection to prevent possible theft of data.

It has been financed above what was estimated on the internet, managing to raise $ 2,536,220, 2,250% of what they needed. There are three models available, all of them in Indiegogo: Cardholder (the simplest one, for 178 dollars although discounts are made); Bifold ($ 238, although discounts are also made) and Travel (the largest, whose price exceeds 300 euros, but rebates are made below 200).


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